Brabalas blogger program

Brabalas fashion bloggers program

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Please send an email at or and introduce yourself and a link to your social media channel or blog, we will reply to you soon.
Requirements: Female fashion influencers aged: 18~45, with Instagram/Youtube/Tiktok followers over 1000 and good content matching our brand.

Collaboration Policy:
1. Choose your favorite clothes and tell us.

2. Send clothing for Free -- Receive -- Shooting.

3. When posting on your social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc, please tag us(@barbalas_official), or put item link(s) or the link of the home page ( on it.

4. Brabalas reserve the right to collect photos of your posts and may use them for commercial, if you do not agree, please inform us in advance.

Referral rewards:
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Get a 10% commission per sale when customers purchase using your referral link.

How does it work?
1. Post: Copy your link to post to social media.
2. Customer Purchase: The purchase makes through your promotion link.
3. Record Order: affiliate platform records the purchase and order information.
4. Confirm Order: The purchase is confirmed.
5. Get the commission

Contact us: 

DM Instagram : @brabalas_official